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Resources by admin2

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  Thinking Through Mathematics - the resource
Find out more about the Maths4Life 'Thinking Through Mathematics' professional development and teaching resources for Post-16 mathematics
30 October 2015 09:54 by admin2 viewed 29790 times

  Matchbox Algebra
In the January 2007 issue of the ATM journal, Mathematics Teaching incorporating Micromath, Roger Duke and Alan Graham describe how a new java applet can help to build learners’ intuitions about basic ideas of algebra.
25 July 2013 12:55 by admin2 viewed 6870 times

  Red Hot Maths
Teaching and Learning Resources to support the KS3 National Numeracy Strategy, using Firefighters from Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service who have trained to be Science & Engineering Ambassadors
13 June 2012 12:09 by admin2 viewed 1158 times

  History of Mathematics
A paper by Snezana Lawrence - also supported by an NCETM online community, History of Mathematics
24 February 2011 16:20 by admin2 viewed 10865 times

  University of Cambridge Media Archive
A useful website with many archived lectures - especially mathematics - from Cambridge University. Browse by topic to search for mathematics-related content.
04 November 2008 16:15 by admin2 viewed 934 times

  Thinking Through Mathematics - a review
A review of Maths4Life's Thinking Through Mathematics resource pack, by Brian Welters, Numeracy Tutor, Milton Keynes Adult Community Learning
03 April 2008 09:50 by admin2 viewed 5965 times

  RISPS: Jonny Griffiths' 2005-6 Gatsby Teaching Fellowship
This is an article written by Jonny Griffiths about his experience of a Gatsby Teaching Fellowship (GTF), 2005-2006.
10 September 2007 16:19 by admin2 viewed 2689 times

  Reflect's review of the NCETM web portal
This is a review of the NCETM web portal written by Oonagh Gormley, first published in the March 2007 edition of the Maths4Life magazine, Reflect, and reproduced here by permission.
10 September 2007 15:33 by admin2 viewed 1091 times

  PSI (Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry)
PSI was formed as a non-profit organisation in 1977. It promotes good statistical practice in the pharmaceutical industry through forums for regular discussion of statistics and statistical computing. There are over 1000 members and several...
10 September 2007 15:10 by admin2 viewed 862 times

  A high level tour of Maths for fascinated future undergraduates
This site is comprehensive and shows you just how extensive Mathematics has become. It's unlikely that your average Y12/Y13 student would know where to look without guidance, but it is well worth adding to your...
31 August 2007 19:43 by admin2 viewed 1190 times

1 to 10 of 46