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Secondary Forum

Summary :This is an open community, which for many people, will be the preferred point of contact with the website. Discussions will cover curriculum, pedagogical and change issues related to secondary and sixth form mathematics. Particularly welcome are innovative ways of teaching that have been successful. The community will be regularly updated with links to other sites of interest.
Type :Available to all visitors
Who Can Post :Logged in users
Created On :07 March 2007
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Current Folder: All Files / Bucks Upper Schools A-level Maths Project
35.5 Mb of 100 Mb
Name Size Type Ver   Modified  
Finding the volume of a cone
An investigation leading to an understanding of volumes of revolution
  42.5 Kb .doc 1 05/05/11 06:05
Introducing vectors - investigation
An investigation leading to introduction of vectors in geometry
  27.5 Kb .doc 1 05/05/11 06:05
Logs activity - always, sometimes, never true
Logs activity for A level
  30.5 Kb .doc 1 05/05/11 06:01
Logs activity solutions
Answers to Logs activity
  30.5 Kb .doc 1 05/05/11 06:01
True Sometimes Never - C4 parametric equations questions
A level activity on parametric equations
  195 Kb .doc 1 05/05/11 05:58
True Sometimes Never - C4 parametric equations questions SOLUTIONS
Answers to Parametric equations activity
  195.5 Kb .doc 1 05/05/11 05:59
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