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A maths theme week

joanna13 09 January 2008 09:28 View Post
Hi, Has anyone out there had time to do fit in a maths theme week recently, we are considering doing one at my school and I am trying to find a good startying point or a theme. Any help or ideas grea....
katebaum 09 January 2008 18:24 View Post
How about launching a maths week around World Maths Day which is due to take place on March 5th 2008. Visit www.worldmathsday.com for further info. Kate

katebaum 09 January 2008 18:24

How about launching a maths week around World Maths Day which is due to take place on March 5th 2008. Visit www.worldmathsday.com for further info.


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joanna13 13 January 2008 19:35 View Post
Thanks for the pointer have looked at the site and will see what my staff think. In all my searching I had not found any mention of World Maths Day so thank you again. Jo
safiyya 12 February 2008 11:27 View Post
Hi!My school recieved a leaflet recenlty and this will also be our focus for maths month Good Luck!
katebaum 13 February 2008 21:25 View Post
Great that it was of use. Will you let me know how you get on . Have you got any ideas you could share?
safiyya 14 February 2008 10:53 View Post
Of course, also arranging a whole school activity....getting an architect/building company to facilitate and teh whole school will be involved in building a giant tetrhedron using sticks and rubber ba....
Douglas1 24 February 2008 12:39 View Post
I am planning a maths week for after Easter, didn't know about World Maths Day until I started looking for ideas and will use some of their ideas, (have also joined this site as a result of looking to....
tony_shepherd 25 February 2008 09:51 View Post
There is a lot of support already out there for anybody organising maths enrichment activities. Vinay Kathotia from the Royal Institute www.rigb.org suggests the following collection of links to some ....
katebaum 11 March 2008 21:51 View Post
My goodnees what a huge amount of ideas. I'm afraid I got a bit lost. Can you suggest your top 3 in the list?
tony_shepherd 19 March 2008 09:34 View Post
The list is from Vinay at RI, so I have not tried them all myself. Themes that worked best for me were cross-curricular ideas like healthy lifestyles, the environment or art & culture. These engage ....
katebaum 03 April 2008 14:40 View Post
I have just been viewing Teachers' TV Maths Week page from May 2007. I found the one on KS2 darts particularly interesting and useful for maths week in schools. I would use it to introduce a fresh, en....
ajwillmoth 11 April 2008 11:29 View Post
It seems to me that the 'trick' is to use everyday opportunities to give a context for mathematical thinking (for example, if you look at the number of orders possible when a group of children line up....
katebaum 12 April 2008 18:52 View Post
The TASC wheel looks really useful. Are there any particular problem solving activities that you would recommend to start with. Also are there any that you would recommend for a whole school problem s....
anniebris 24 April 2008 16:46 View Post
For those of you who want to try something simpler for a maths week, especially if you haven't necessarily got everyone as enthusiastic as you like, can I suggest the following. Each year group takes....
ajwillmoth 01 May 2008 14:25 View Post
The 'best' activities are the ones that most naturally arise out of the children's own experience of the world, or at least that children can relate to. For example, cooking involves weighing and meas....