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Mathemapedia - the mathematics education wiki

Mathemapedia is a wiki for mathematics education for all teachers of mathematics. You can write your own entries, edit and develop entries already there, and/or simply read entries that other teachers have written.

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  A lesson without the opportunity for learners to generalise (mathematically) is not a mathematics lesson
Mathematics is fundamentally about becoming aware of and expressing generality.
Approved on 25/09/10 11:45   Viewed 33174 times

  A table or a table?
A discussion about encouraging the correct use of mathematical vocabulary from an early age.
Approved on 11/09/08 11:00   Viewed 16825 times

  Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence
Just because someone does not display a particular behaviour, you cannot conclude that they either cannot, will not, only that they do not.
Approved on 12/10/07 15:50   Viewed 5732 times

  Accounts of & Accounting for Incidents
If in describing some incident, someone weaves into the description their analysis of it, then I have to accept the whole at face value. If I cannot distinguish between data and theory, between incident and...
Approved on 08/04/07 16:57   Viewed 7968 times

  Acetate Curriculum
A curriculum can be approached from several directions. Trying to integrate these as a matter of policy loses sight of the strengths, experience, expertise and sensitivity of teachers to their particular learners and situation.
Approved on 19/04/07 21:23   Viewed 10078 times

  Acknowledging Ignorance
Acknowledging your ignorance means denoting by a letter a quantity whose value you do not know, or which you wish to find (an as-yet-unknown number) and then expressing the constraints or relationships involved using that...
Approved on 24/09/07 19:10   Viewed 6095 times

  Action-Effect Relationship
Learners have actions they can carry out when prompted, and others which they can initiate for themselves. For a new or modified action to be meaningful, and so internalised, learners need to appreciate the effects...
Approved on 25/06/08 14:16   Viewed 9487 times

  Active Learning in the Early Years
Research tells us that we remember 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, 50% of what we hear and see, 80% of what we hear, see and do. We all learn by...
Approved on 10/09/09 14:02   Viewed 12691 times

  Adding and Subtracting Negative Numbers
Learners can benefit from having access to multiple representations of positive and negative numbers and the use of such representations to support foundations of understanding that can reduce opportunities for misconceptions
Approved on 08/07/08 11:58   Viewed 17947 times

  Adding makes Bigger: an obstacle to thinking
It is quite natural for young children to associate ‘making bigger’ with adding. It is important for the teacher to value the pupil's generalisation and then at the same time reinforce the mathematics skill of...
Approved on 23/05/07 21:39   Viewed 22501 times
1 to 10 of 429
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