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Blog entries by jennifer_piggott

9 entries in this Blog (latest entry 13 November 2009 12:40)

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  13 November 2009 12:40
A rant about an exam board
See my other blog at http://jenniferpiggott.wordpress.com/ "What we teach is what we test." My real concerns about examinations undermining the advances we have made with the mathemaitcs curriuclum and the impact on teaching and preofessional development.
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  26 November 2008 13:14
Ten million times mathematics
By the end of November the NRICH (www.nrich.maths.org) website will receive more than 10 million hits for the third month in a row. With page views also exceeding a million a month and bounce rates hovering around 40% this must mean that we are doing something right. So what might...
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  03 January 2008 15:05
Negative numbers might make us feel negative but that can be positive!
I assume many people are aware of the news item highlighting people's misunderstandings of negative numbers. It was based upon the lottery "Cool Cash" game. If not and you want to find out more than the quote below you can find it here, but in brief:A Lottery player said:"On one...
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  11 November 2007 18:54
Asking questions - posing problems
I am really interested in how we encourage our learners in asking their own questions and posing their own problems. We want our learners to make conjecture and suggest hypotheses and to ask "what if" questions. But we also want them to question their own understanding and challenge their teacher's...
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  03 October 2007 09:13
Teacher Participation in Professional Development
A recent trip to New Zealand to give a Keynote speech and workshops at the NZAMT (New Zealand Association of Mathematics Teachers) left me impressed and depressed. Impressed by the commitment of teachers attending the conference and depressed by the fact that we do not have the same uptake at...
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  28 August 2007 11:24
On models, metaphors and representations
This year's IMP-07 (institute of maths pedagogy 2007) conference took as its theme: Metaphors, Models & Representations in mathematics and mathematics teaching As a regular attendee at these events I find them stimulating and thought provoking and am keen to share some of the ideas that I am still thinking...
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  08 July 2007 15:15
Reflections - Visualising
I was just reading an entry in the communities (Dyslexia - issues in learning mathematics) - about learners being given space to develop and share their own mathematical pictures rather having the teacher's visualisations thrust upon them. I think this is very insightful and important for us to think about....
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  08 July 2007 15:12
Reflections - Rich tasks - originally added 28-5-07
I have been thinking about and writing about rich tasks quite a lot lately. In the guidance document "Mathematics at Key Stage 4: developing a scheme of work", the Secondary National Strategy describe a rich task as: accessible and extendable, one which allows learners to make decisions, involving learners in...
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  18 May 2007 10:53
Reflections - Enrichment and Enhancement
As the director of a mathematics enrichment project (nrich.maths.org) I find myself and my team reflecting often on what enrichment is and how we can support all teachers in enriching the classroom experiences for their pupils.The aim of this Blog is to share some of those reflections as they occur...
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