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Blog entries by mary_pardoe

4 entries in this Blog (latest entry 25 May 2014 23:58)

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You are currently viewing the entries for 2011

  16 June 2011 18:14
Mental imagery to support equation solving
How would you want/expect your students to set about trying to answer a question of this type ... The sum of three numbers is S, the difference between one pair of the numbers is d, and the difference between another pair of the numbers is D. What are the numbers?...
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  08 June 2011 11:27
Mental images and understanding
I agree that knowing when it is helpful to form, and try to solve, equations is an important skill in mathematics. But a recent small personal experience has reminded me that it is even more important to develop your powers of mental imagery, and a habit of calling upon them...
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  09 May 2011 18:41
Changing gear with fractions?
I am often asked to suggest 'new' ways of trying to help students 'master' fractions. Reading recent posts in Teaching Fractions led me to what seems to me to be one of the most inspirational items on the Portal - a series of 17 video chapters in which Caroline Ainsworth...
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