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Blog entries by petegriffin

9 entries in this Blog (latest entry 20 March 2012 14:13)

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  20 March 2012 14:13
How do we change our practice? Some thoughts on effective CPD
"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you always got" (Mark Twain) In the NCETM we assert (drawing on the recommendations of an ACME report on CPD[1]) that there are 3 important aspects to mathematics specific professional development: Mathematics content knowledge; Mathematics specific pedagogy; Embedding in practice....
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  05 November 2010 09:39
Doing Algebra and Thinking Algebraically
Skemp makes a powerful case for two different types of understanding in his article “Relational Understanding and Instrumental Understanding” (Richard R. Skemp, Department of Education, University of Warwick). First published in Mathematics Teaching, 77, 20–26, (1976). He says: It was brought to my attention some years ago by Stieg Mellin-Olsen,...
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  19 November 2007 14:09
'Mathematics Matters' Colloquium in Bath - A Personal Reflection
It is 25 years since the Cockcroft report “Mathematics Counts” and 20 years since the “Better Mathematics” report. These reports were very influential and signalled, at least in my career, a re-energising of debate about mathematics, teaching and learning.While many of the current issues in mathematics education are not new...
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  27 February 2007 14:18
Rule Making or Rule Following?
How many times have you explained something really well and your learners still don't understand? Are there times when learners seem to grasp an idea intuitively and don't seem to need any explaining? Are we sometimes trying to "teach" too much and not allowing the learner to function naturally? Are...
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  15 January 2007 11:09
Gloucestershire Post-16 Initiative
Gloucestershire LA is currently in its third year of an exciting and innovative Post-16 initiative developed in response to the Smith Inquiry aiming to develop the capacity of the teaching force and promote active, engaging and challenging learning and teaching approaches to AS and A2 mathematics. The initiative includes eleven...
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  17 December 2006 11:51
Cornwall Project - Enhancing the quality of teaching and learning in mathematics at post-16.
Cornwall LA is currently underway with a project aimed at enhancing the Quality of Teaching & Learning in Mathematics at Post-16. Two teachers from the mathematics departments at six Cornish 11-18 schools and one large FE College are to be involved in this exciting pilot project which aims to develop...
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  15 November 2006 11:39
What’s the point of research?
I was reading a piece of research about primary mathematics teaching recently and the first few paragraphs surprised me. This is what it said: Did children’s understanding of addition and subtraction depend on their arithmetic skills? The researchers in this study of 127 primary pupils wanted to find out more...
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  01 November 2006 11:49
What does professional development mean to us?
I was running a session for a group of teachers the other day and I asked them about the best piece of professional development they have ever had and why it was good. Here are a few of the responses that I got: “I was about something I believed in”...
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  04 October 2006 10:51
Introducing the South West NCETM team
We have recently taken up posts as NCETM regional coordinators in the South West and we are looking forward to working with you. A key aim of the National Centre is to build a community of teachers of mathematics from all phases and sectors and this web portal is a...
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