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Moderation of NCETM Communities

When providing registered NCETM users with access to online communities we encourage lively and informed debate, but at the same time we acknowledge that some topics may require a closer level of monitoring in the form of moderation.

Reactive moderation is the most generally used and accepted method, and is the preferred method of the National Centre for all of our online forums, communities and user-generated content (as well as comments and blogs).

As a registered user of the NCETM, you are encouraged to contribute posts and comments which are published directly on the website for all site users to see. Your username will appear next to your post.

If you are not a registered user, you are able to submit comments directly to the NCETM by completing an online contact form or by emailing us. On occasion, comments and posts from non-registered users are published on the website on behalf of an individual at our discretion. In general our policy is that users should register to be able to contribute and post.

If a user finds a post or comment to be offensive or inappropriate they should use the Report this post link to inform the NCETM. A moderator will then read the post to see whether or not it breaches our Terms of Use. This review may result in the editing or removal of comments/posts.

On occasion we may choose to proactively monitor user-generated posts and comments. If your post is valid, we'll release it as soon as we can (during office hours). We're sorry for any delay, but this is part of our efforts to ensure that any posts containing unwanted or inappropriate weblinks no longer appear. We reserve the right to edit or remove comments or posts which breach our Terms of Use.

The originator of an amended or removed post/comment will be informed of this decision.

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