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SEN thesis research survey

senthesis 17 July 2016 19:19

I am looking for people to complete my survey about Special Educational Needs and disability. It part of the research for my masters thesis at City Law School. I am studying the understanding of the framework which supports children and young people with Special Educational Needs and disability in England and Wales. 

I really want to hear from children and young people with SEN or a disability, and their parents. I am also interested to hear from anyone who works in education, and especially those who work with children and young people who have Special Educational Needs. 

It doesn’t take very long, and the more information I can collect, the more effective the study will be. 

Please share the link with your friends and colleagues and ask them to take the time to complete the survey too:

I believe that we have a good system for supporting Special Educational Needs and disability in England and Wales, but that the recent changes have made it confusing and that this may be impacting outcomes for children and young people. I want to know if this is true, and to look for ways to improve things.

This information will help me assess the understanding and experiences of people who work in the system, or rely upon it to get the help that they need. 

I will be happy to share the completed study with anyone who is interested - just send YES to senthesis@gmail.com

Thank you for your help. 
Ian Clarke

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