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Creating a list of sentence stems to support planning

lclarke 07 March 2017 14:49

Hi all,

I teach in an Infant school and I would like to create a list of sentence stems to support the teachers and TA's when working on different topics in maths. I wondered if anyone had any ideas where to start with this or has anyone tried to do this themselves?

I have a few ideas such as 'I know 5 and 5 makes 10.' 'I have 3 and she has 2 so we have 5 altogether.' 'The shape is split into 3 parts equally, it is split into thirds.'

Many thanks,

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cballance 07 March 2017 19:49


Have you looked at the white rose materials as they have lots of ideas. I also use the ncetm reasoning documents for ideas.

In addition I use the following:

what if ... Find all possibilities. E.g. 2 numbers add to make 10, what could each number be  ? Find all possibilities.  What is I had 3 numbers?  

Other ideas are Always , sometimes , never eg if you multiply a number by 10 the answer ends in 0?      

If I know .... then I know.... eg if I know 9+1=10 then I know 90+10.  

Odd one out or what's the same what's different ? Give 3 things (number or shape)     And ask either what's the same what's different or ask which is the odd one out? Get Children to explain their reason

If the answer is 20, what could the question be? Find an obvious question, a general question and a perculiar question (POG)

Hope these ideas help







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helenjw 08 March 2017 08:32


ATM excellent for this. Have you seen this? 



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VMarshall500 05 October 2017 19:55



I am in need of a good sentence the children can chant explaining what addition and subtraction is in relation to the part part whole model if anyone has any ideas?




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