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Using KS2 QLA data with new Year 7s

pingleby 27 June 2017 16:51

Our SLT keep saying that a line of inquiry for OFSTED will be "how does the school use the question level data (QLA) from KS2 tests that year 7s join the school with". We did some analysis this year, asking teachers to look in some details at their classes and their PP kids in particular. I think it was pointless from a teaching & learning point of view, but satisfied our SLT that we were doing something, just in case we get the call. 

What do you do in your school? How useful is it? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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HeatherNorth 27 June 2017 17:14

Thank you that sounds interesting ... it's certainly worth looking at to plan first topics to teach maybe ... will be a bit difficult to analyse unless it is all on one spreadsheet?  


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adamcreen 27 June 2017 21:56

Before the DfE (thankfully) cancelled the Year 7 Resits, we were all set to go with intervention - low-level (so the students didn't even realise) - but I visited all of our feeder primaries, talked to the Year 6 teachers about those who got less than "100", and downloaded the QLA data - some of the primaries had already done the analysis themselves.

My SLT don't expect me to do anything with it, but I'll still be downloading it this year just in case our lowest-attaining students have some particular blind spot that we can deal with in the first term.

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