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Dissertation idea - opinions wanted!

Sapphoholland96 11 July 2017 19:08


I start my third and final year of primary education with QTS in september and am now planning my dissertation topic. I'm particularly interested in the use on concrete resources in the teaching of maths and the impact they have on learning and understanding mathematical concepts. Does this sound like a dissertation worthy topic, and if there any recommendations on where to start research that would be great :)


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L33aea 12 July 2017 09:18


I am a Numbers Count teacher through Edgehill University - it is a one to one program for children struggling with maths using apparatus, games and questioning to facilitate understanding and mastery. It may be worth contacting them or seeing if there is a numbers count school in your area for ideas. good luck with your dissertation. I am going into the third year of a Masters and looking at research into a similar topic.


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SuePope 12 July 2017 09:33

A great starting point is the work done by Sue Gifford, Rose Griffiths and Jennie Back on Manipulatives for Nuffield:


They have also produced a wonderful book: Making Numbers: using manipulatives to teach arithmetic

There are several articles available via BSRLM on their Making Numbers project

Good luck with your dissertation

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