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New - (Pearson) Power Up Maths scheme of work for Mastery

calcon1319 13 November 2017 18:45

Does anyone have any experience of using the new scheme of work called Power Up Maths? (Pearson publishing)

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Ed33 15 March 2019 15:28

I would also be interested in experiences of using power maths or any other scheme.

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Laurie_Jacques 15 March 2019 17:06 - Last edited by Laurie_Jacques on 15 March 2019 17:07

I don't have any experience of the Power Maths text books or their use but they have been authored by the White Rose Team for Pearson so if the quality of the text books is as good as the scheme of learning, problems of the day Barvember etc. then it would be worth exploring.

I do have experience of using Maths No Problem text books. I love the text books as guides for teaching and ideas for problem hooks for the begining of a lesson, I am less keen on their pupil workbooks as I think the White Rose F, R PS materials provide good, varied opportunities for practice and enable the teacher more flexibility than feeling obliged to use the pupil workbooks because they bought them even they may not appropriate for the needs of the children in a particular lesson. Others here may be able argue against this, of course and feel the workbooks work well.

I also really like the Mathematics Mastery programme but there is no text book, the resources are accessed via their online "Toolkit" there are teacher slides, extensive planning, video vignettes and pupil resources included - these are accessible only by annual subscription. You will find some sample materials on their website.

Your local Maths Hub maybe able to direct you to schools who are using various mastery text books so that you can talk direct to teachers using them.


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