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learning environment to promote maths in school- Help please

sarahl12 19 November 2017 15:10


Does anyone have any ideas for whole school maths based permanent displays in a primary school? For example, maths in the playground, displays on famous mathematicians. This is to promote mathematics in the school and raise the profile.

My other question is does anyone know any mathematics based board games?

Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated!

Thank you

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tanglytortoise 20 November 2017 14:22

Hi Sarah

We recently have linked RRSA articles to some fantastic displays that we have kept, as we find XC links more valuable and children are able to see maths in a real life context. We have taken a range of photos from EYFS to Year 6 of maths in our school and put them on canvases and placed them around our school. We have WW walls and HOT boards. In our HOT boards whcih ca quickly be changed if necessary as they are just perspex plastic like photo frames we have quotes from mathematicians and fibonnacci spirals etc displayed.

TTS have some great board games and one we love at our school is 24 (mathzone or amazon), there is a lunch time club linked to it too. It isn't a board game rather than solving a puzzle. Dominoes are always great and Twinkl premium also have lots to print off and laminate.


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cherri 20 November 2017 17:14

The Belair Display books are full of great ideas for displays. They are getting on now but still good.

Snakes and ladders is great, as is Trilema and Make 15(like scrabble but with numbers). Go to your local toyshop and browse, you'll be surprised at what you find.

Will check my cupboards!

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