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EYFS Maths Parent Workshop

Lyds 14 October 2018 10:56

I've just read a great article about parent involvement and workshops from the EYFS Magazine (issue 24). https://www.ncetm.org.uk/resources/36355 

Within the article it spoke about a fairy tale maths circuit that one school had done to get parents involved.   I did try emailing the email address linked to the article but it no longer works. 

At my school, we hold a parent workshop every year for reception parents to introduce them to the 'curriculum'. I am in charge of running it this year and I wanted to mix it up! I don't just want the parents to sit there. I want to make it as useful as possible. I've already included slides on fun activities the parents can do at home, whilst out and about and whilst playing board games. But, I also want to invite them into class to show them how fun maths can be and how it really is everywhere! I loved the ideas of the activities link to nursery rhymes and tradditional tales spoken about in the article I read but out topic is 'people who help us' next half term so wondered if anyone had any good ideas linked to this topic?



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cherri 14 October 2018 11:50 - Last edited by cherri on 14 October 2018 11:51

Depending on the people who help us you intend to look at, think about the maths they use in their roles and do similar activities with the children, eg measuring. Use small world play to explore/model the roles too.

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