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Do you have a few minutes to help a school in Africa?

JoanAshley 11 November 2018 20:34

Dear Primary School Colleagues

I am posting a message here in the hope that you can help me.

I spent three weeks in September 2018 in Zimbabwe, working for the OU as part of the IGATE-T project which aims to improve the school attendance and achievement of girls, and increase their skills in literacy and numeracy. My part in the project is to write mathematics CPD materials for primary teachers in rural areas.

During my time there I visited a primary school and was asked if I could find a school in the UK which would be prepared to twin with them, so that they could learn from teachers in the UK. The school has a delightful head teacher who runs a happy school with no running water, no electricity and almost no resources.  

Smart phone use is relatively common in Zimbabwe and WhatsApp is the most common electronic communication medium using mobile phone data. As a minimum, twinning could involve an individual teacher in a WhatsApp text dialogue with the head teacher, sharing information on active teaching approaches and resources which promote reasoning and understanding.

There is also the possibility of setting up wider links with groups of teachers ,or pupil/pupil contacts, or fundraising to enable the school to be better resourced.

If this is of interest to you, or you know of anyone who might be interested (retired teachers?), please get in touch with me via email  (jashley59@sky.com). I am happy to chat on the phone (or face to face if you live reasonably close to Cambridge) to anyone who would like a bit more information. I have photographs I can share.

The school tell me that they can use and would be grateful for “anything”. I am hoping that somewhere in this NCETM community there is at least one teacher who might have the time to help in some way. I’d be very happy to support you in setting up the link and with the practicalities.

Thank you for reading this.

Joan Ashley

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JLPearson 12 November 2018 08:55

Hello Joan

What an excellent idea. I will pass your message on tthe networks of maths leaders I work with in the hope someone will reply to you. Best wishes for success.

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