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Maths Café

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Year 3 Maths

miss_18 04 June 2019 23:13

Hi all, 

I have to teach a 30min Maths lesson to a group of pupils working at Year 3 objectives. I am an Early Years specialist so I'm not sure what to teach them. Can anybody help?

Thank you! 





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helenjw 05 June 2019 11:29

Your early years expertise should stand you in very good stead! Go for low-theshold, with opportunities for development and deepening; you don't want to 'loose' some of them in the first 5 mins.  How about something using arrays to look at multiplication and division? I would use 2cm interlockng cubes to make different rectangles and have them describe and record what they see.  You could move to squared paper if they seem OK. Then link this to formal sentences. (I have used wrapping paper to look at arrays - having children cut out and explain). Take a look at NRich for ideas. you want to get going QUICKLY wothout too much talking from you (see? nothing changes!) and use the time as they work (and to draw together thoughts and questions at the end) through questioning to focus on encouraging them to reason, explain and predict .. as in Why do you say /think that? what do you think about what Sarah said? What might happen if.... etc... Good luck! let us know how it goes! 


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