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Implementation of the shanghai maths method

hannah_vienna 02 August 2019 14:59

Dear colleagues,

I am a Master Students in Educational Sciences in Vienna, Austria, and currently writing a paper about the Mathematic Mastery Approach / Shanghai Maths Method. I am using the theoretical construct of transfer-research (german: "Transferforschung") because I am interested in the shape-shifting process of the mathematic teaching in Shanghai to the UK. What we understand under shape-shifting is the process, that a method/tool/etc. changes its form, manner of use etc. when it travels from one country to another. 

I already know in theory how the mathematic education in  Shanghai must look like - but what I wanted to ask you:

How do you adapt this method, learned during your exchanges or from your colleagues, in your practical teaching? Have you already noticed any "english" ways of using/adjusting the teaching method? Or would you say that you try to adapt it 1:1 and there haven't been any cultural, burocratical or personal issues?

I would be more than happy to get some responses from your community, as the practical insight views are very valuable for academic research.

Kind regards,

Hannah G.





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