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How do HLTAs improve learning?

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stacey1960 16 October 2012 20:56

hi Steve.

As an HLTA in a primary school I know I can confidently say that the role I play within the school is respected by those Teaching Assistants I work alongside and the teachers throughout school I support.
I cover PPA lessons from Years 1 to 6 so my ability to differentiate is paramount. On a recent residential with Year 6 I had a group meeting with other members of staff to discuss work needed for my studies and discovered that my Year 6 teacher would hate to teach maths in Year on and vice verce. On that evidence it shows that support staff are more adaptable within the school.

I regularly cover core subjects so my knowledge in English and maths has to be of a high standard. I am currently working to achieve a BA in Primary learning with the Open University.

I have the same relationship with the children as any other teaching assistant but also the respect from the children that is given to the teachers in school. To the children I am always Mrs Kay who teaches us when teachers are away from class, but still the samr Mrs Kay who listens to our learning issues/friends issues and behaviour issues.

Hope this feedback helps with your research.

Tracey (HLTA Bradford)


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Steve_Humble 17 October 2012 07:46
Thank you Tracy for your comments. I'm no longer with NCETM due to government cuts. So I'm not doing this work any longer. I'm still in education and work at Newcastle University teaching primary and secondary teachers. As well as this I do freelance work as DrMaths. As DrMaths I write children's puzzles books, teacher resources and do maths days in schools. If you want to find out more about DrMaths go to http://www.in2schools.co.uk/drmaths/?pid=316 And New from Dr Maths…….. Brain Box Logical Learning Series with the Green Board Game Company. Code Breaker Explorer: The world of secret codes holds a fascinating air of mystery, with secret agents trying to discover the enemy’s plans before the enemy discovers theirs. This book takes its inspiration from the secret world of spies and code breaking. www.brainbox.co/archives/category/puzzle-books Email drmaths@hotmail.co.uk
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