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Case Study: Alien invasion

ncetm_administrator 16 June 2008 14:20
Portal Administrator

Alien Invasion is a set of interactive lessons about a full-scale alien attack that coincides with a class visit to Manford City. To set the scene and support the lessons, live TV news bulletins, radio broadcasts and telephone messages help to develop the story line. The invasion leads to a series of non-routine problems for pupils to solve as the narrative unfolds. The problems are on the theme of mathematical communication and are intended to promote discussion, reasoning and creativity.

Alien Invasion is an opportunity for pupils to apply and use skills that they have previously been taught and to see connections between mathematical topics. Alternatively, it can be used to introduce or extend skills. Mathematical activities include estimating and calculating measures, interpreting graphs and maps, code breaking and problem solving.

Teachers are able to tailor the lessons to the particular needs of their classes.

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ajonion 19 June 2008 12:58
Alice Kilpatrick from TwoFour who developed this case study gave an input on it at the NCETM second annual conference on 17 June. It looks tremendous fun with a strong narrative drive, which I am sure will engage students, as indeed it did during the trial phase.
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Graham_Charles 01 July 2009 16:51
The notes on a different thread about scaling/photocopying were useful.

Laminated, reusable sheets also save on photocopying demands.
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JaneWillett 19 June 2013 14:25

I agree, although I found my students wanted to draw all over it to get them thinking. I had to play the radio commentary twice because not everything was picked up on. The kids loved the narrative and watching the videos and it was good to explore many different mathematical topics. I recommend!

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agetliff 19 July 2017 06:38

Love it - and have migrated much of it to be useable on the Mac, but the audio file for the radio broadcast and answerphone messages appear to embedded in the Flash element. Has anyone managed to extract them please?





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