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sharing resources

linearwebb 08 November 2006 20:54

Have you seen this website yet?


It offers an opportunity to share resources, it includes easiteach files and somex powerpoint presentations to use on IWB and prepared Tarisa puzzles to save time. And it is free!



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sounique11 29 July 2014 15:32

I used this website in 2008-2009. It used to have lots of powerpoints for teaching KS5 Maths but I can not find them anymore. Any idea where have they dissapeared?

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linearwebb 29 July 2014 23:26


I believe now Mo Ladak the site owner, uses more videos to introduce topics with a flipped teaching approach. Perhaps he no longer stores some of them on his site.

There are certainly many still there so follow this link for PURE A level maths linear graphs and equations for example:


He uses Twitter extensively now too it may be worth asking him tweet @mathedup, there is a link on the website home page on the rhs:


I hope that this helps.


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Name withheld 06 November 2018 06:12
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