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The Kate Bush Conjecture

petegriffin 15 May 2009 19:48 View Post
Did anyone hear the item on Radio 4's "More or Less" (Friday May 15th)? Apparently Kate Bush wrote a song called "Pi" in which she sings five digits of pi from the 51st digit onwards - she sings "58....
sallyb 17 May 2009 00:07 View Post
have you never searched for dates of birth etc in pi? I have classes fascinated to find out whose birth date comes first - we used the 6 digits ddmmyy. My numbers are at position 323,483. Kate Bush'....
vjosullivan 15 January 2010 13:15 View Post
Kate Bush's birthday is 30 July 1958. There is no combination of these numbers that falls close to position 17,378. 17,378 is the position where the incorrect sequence "58231" actually occurs. This....
brookes 17 January 2010 15:24 View Post
I've always thought it true that each and every number combination is "in Pi". Furthermore, if you give each letter a number (1 for a, 2 for b and so on). you could find every word. In fact, every sen....
MarkDawes 19 January 2010 07:18 View Post
Nice idea, brookes! Not sure if this has been proved, but it feels like it ought to be true. Carl Sagan, in his novel "Contact" has scientists discovering that Pi (in base 11) suddenly consists of....
sallyb 20 January 2010 19:00 View Post
as pi is transcendental we know that its decimal expansion has no sequence repeating, so because it uses all 9 digits then short sequences are almost certain to occur, but do we know that all sequenc....