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About Bowland in General

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peter_hall 18 September 2009 14:17
The issue of using Bowland in primary schools and the relationship with secondary schools is one I am meeting a lot at the moment. I think it would wrong to deny access to Bowland for primary children if they could benefit from the materials. In my view, secondary schools should build on the experiences that primary children have had.

It would, however be good for primary and secondary schools to talk to each other about the Bowland materials - a transition issue?
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Graham_Charles 18 September 2009 21:38
Many Secondaries have spent a lot of CPD time on Bowland and have already embedded some of the Bowland Case Studies in their schemes of work. It would be frustrating if this was undone because some of the students had already done the same Case Studies in Primary Schools, especially as there are 21 to choose from! It really would spoil the buzz, excitement and new shared experiences that the Bowland materials bring if some of the students say "I've done this one before!"
Primary colleagues should contact local Secondary Schools to see which Bowland Case Studies they are using. There are some very engaging materials. It is unlikely that Secondary Schools will have embedded all 21 Case Studies into their schemes of work....and if they have, then it would definately be worth chatting to them about their experiences. A coordinated, collaborative approach offers huge potential benefits for both students and teachers.

Students will receive a broader Bowland experience if Primary Schools use different Bowland Case Studies to those used in their local Secondary Schools. A collaborative approach between Primary and Secondary teachers also provides a great CPD opportunity. I agree with Peter about the potential to use a Bowland Case study as a transition unit.
There is a section on the Bowland website about ideas for developing new Bowland materials Jan. It would be great if there were some Case Studies developed primarily for KS2, especially if they offer cross-curricular links or themes which could be completed as a full day activity.

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Jan_Hillman 26 September 2009 11:51
Advanced Skills Teacher
Hi Bowland enthusiasts,

Apologies for cross posting but I posted this 'Bowland and Primary' and some of you might not have seen it there..

Those of you who have followed these discussions might be interested to know that we are going to build on graycharles' and Peter's comments and the NCETM is intending to put together a network of secondary/primary teachers to look at how we can use Bowland materials, in partnership, for transition KS2/3.

So that we can get an idea of interest in this, please send me a quick message (click on my name, by my picture) if you are interested in following this further and I will keep you up to date with developments. Please include what phase you work in and what region you are in.

Bowland do not have any plans to develop separate materials for primary schools but they are very interested in any work that is done and will follow any network activity with interest. They are particularly interested in assessment.

When we start this project, maybe we should link the 'Bowland and Primary' topic on the Primary Forum across to this forum.


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Graham_Charles 09 March 2010 21:01
The Bowland Assessment materials should be available from September...
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alison_clarkwilson 27 January 2013 11:12
The theme of this year's ATM conference is 'Maths for Real' (www.atm.org.uk/conference/) - something that the Bowland Resources were desigined to try to promote...

I am really interested in knowing how the Bowland resources are being used some 3 years on....

So which Bowland activites have stood the test of time in YOUR school/classroom?
What issues have you had to overcome when using them?

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ajonion 29 January 2013 07:39
I've recently seen the new case studies 'Mission Rainforest' and 'Olympics' and the earlier ones 'Crash Test Dummy' and 'How Risky is life?' used in classrooms as part of Bowland's Lesson Study project. 'Mission Rainforest' won an international award for use of technology in education. 'Olympics' was featured in the TES last year. I echo Alison's question - would love to hear what's going on in other schools.   
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