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Edexcel (Linear 1380) GCSE Summer 09 - A* Grade boundary

rcbick 27 August 2009 13:07
The A* Grade boundaries for each paper are

Paper 3 - 85
Paper 4 - 91

But the total mark required for an A* is 173

How does that work?

UMS marks seem to have disappeared as well.
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Graham_Charles 19 September 2009 07:22
I'm not sure how that works, however, you might also be interested in the following...

I have been told from Edexcel that the % at A* for Linear papers 2008 and 2009 are as follows:

Jun-08 5540H A* 13.70% of Higher Tier students.

Jun-09 1380 A* 4.60% of Higher Tier students.
You might want to include this in your analysis.

Did anyone get a higher proportion of A* grades this year? If so, which board did you use?

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Chris1974 19 September 2009 20:55
Interesting, but there may be a simple explanation.

We found similar things with the Edexcel 1389 Stats.  We contacted Graham C, who admitted that there were typos on the emporium documents, an sent out corrections.

Could it be this straight forward??

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sandy 23 September 2009 16:28
Did anyone else feel that the Edexcel higher papers were too easy this year? We are finding that a number of students with A and A* grades are struggling with the AS (which we begin with topics on the GCSE SoW). My most able student didn't get the top mark - he makes silly arithmetic mistakes but had no real difficult questions that he would excel at.
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Name withheld 14 August 2018 15:50
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