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How do you organise your maths curriculum?

tomcripps 16 July 2011 04:18

We have been teaching the renewed framework for as long as it has been around. This year our results were significantly lower than expected, this cohort have received the framework for the longest. I feel that we are limiting our chidlrne by the way we teach mathematics The quality of teaching across the school is higher than ever. We are planning to change the maths curiculum to make it more engaginf and fun.

Before we start making changes I began to wonder what other do. Are you still follwing the framework? Have you ever followed the framework? Do you organise maths learning differently? How?

Many thanks

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clairehutch 18 July 2011 11:52

I am involved in the Maths Specialist Training Programme and also maths coordinator. Although we follow the new framework, we also have moved to a lot more 'rich' tasks - at least one a week. These tasks are sometimes related to the unit, but sometimes they are not. We have really tried ot focus on the strategies of problem solving rather than reaching the answer. This has really helped, particularly this year, as I felt the SATS questions were very much Ma1 based. We also tend not to stick too rigidly to the timescale for each block - if they need more then they get it, if they are ready to move on, they do.

Hope this helps.

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