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World Maths Day 6 March 2012

sidneypig 12 February 2012 22:56
Has anyone done this before?

Is it worth the trouble?

Are there any hidden costs?

Are the questions difficult. My school have dropped out of the Mathematical Challenges run by UKMT because apparently the pupils didn't achieve much.
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Colleen 13 February 2012 07:03 - Last edited by Colleen on 13 February 2012 07:44
We have done this for some years now, the students really enjoy it. It can be frustrating, there have been times in the past when they clearly misjudged the number of players who would be online at once and this year people have reported problems registering students - but it is free!  I registered all of ours very early one morning! Maybe I just got lucky but that worked fine. There is a spreadsheet template one can use, I wrote some instructions, there is a link in this post (there is a teachers guide on the site as well but I'm not sure everybody found it).

You will be able to register yourself and play as an adult so you can see the games for yourself. This is quite different from the UK Maths Challenges. The site is open for practice now.

Dates - World Maths Day is 7th March - this actually means a 48 hour period whilst it is 7th March somewhere in the world, for UK students the event lasts from Tuesday 6th 10am to Thursday 8th 10am.
The same login details allow students to participate in all of the Events in the World Education Games.

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ncetm_administrator 13 February 2012 09:09
Portal Administrator
Full details of World Maths Day in this news item.
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