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CPD Providers' network meeting: East Midlands 16 March 2018

NCETM CPD Standard

The NCETM provides support for those who manage and offer professional development for mathematics and we are pleased to be able to facilitate local networks for providers of mathematics CPD across England. These networks meet twice yearly, and remain in contact between meetings through online communities.

A new round of meetings is planned for the spring; these are for existing local network members and any other CPD providers who would like to attend.

It is clear from previous meetings that colleagues value the opportunities to network with others who manage and support CPD locally, such as those in local authorities, teaching schools, higher education, independent providers, schools and colleges. We believe that such meetings make an important contribution to supporting the local infrastructure for CPD, and that it is very important to maintain and, if possible, develop them in order to support high quality mathematics-specific CPD however it might be offered and taken up locally.

As in previous meetings, the overarching aim is to support high quality, mathematics-specific CPD in all its forms. This next round will again be attended by members of the NCETM team and will provide opportunities to work together with other providers and managers of CPD to support mathematics-specific CPD for all phases, and to learn about relevant developments. The agenda for each meeting will be shaped to respond to local needs, but at all the focus is on supporting the professional development of CPD providers themselves. We will also share information about current NCETM activity as well as about the emerging landscape for mathematics CPD and mathematics more generally.

We would welcome any further suggestions for the agenda for the meetings, which you can make when you register. If you are interested in taking part please contact Cheryl Stirr cheryl.stirr@ncetm.org.uk giving your contact details. 

Adult Numeracy Tutor, Advanced Skills Teacher, Consultant / Adviser, Functional Skills Teacher, Head of Mathematics / Mathematics Coordinators, Lecturer, Mentor, Researcher, Senior Leader, Subject Learning Coach, Teacher, Teacher Educator

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Free to attend



Tel: 0114 219 1007



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