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If you are involved with an activity which you would like to be added to the Calendar, please complete this downloadable form, giving as much detail as you can, and email it to us at info@ncetm.org.uk

The NCETM CPD Standard and Professional Development Lead Support Programme

This calendar contains all PD opportunities notified to us here at the NCETM. A number of providers listed are holders of the NCETM CPD Standard. The benefit of this to recipients of CPD is that they can have confidence in the providers they choose for their CPD, knowing they are quality assured by the NCETM, while for the CPD providers, a commitment to such a standard enables them to gain access to a wider audience of CPD participants and
support from the NCETM. Holders of the NCETM CPD Standard are shown with a rosette, NCETM CPD Standard rosette
and are listed here. Some entries in the list calendar also display a maroon rosette NCETM CPD PDLSP rosette which signifies that a member of the relevant provider organisation has successfully completed the NCETM’s Professional Development Lead Support Programme. Providers with either or both of these accreditations often offer bespoke support and are listed separately in the searchable CPD Provider Directory.

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  Mathematics through Stories in KS2 NCETM CPD Standard Holder
How to engage pupils in mathematical thinking through the stimulus of stories. This course will focus on the benefits of using story as a stimulus for teaching mathematics. The session will explore ways to integrate...
Date: 21 February 2018   viewed 12 times

  Problem Solving in Every Lesson (KS1 & 2) NCETM CPD Standard Holder
Course aims To know how problem solving can be part of every maths lesson. To explore activities and tasks where problem solving skills are embedded To develop problem solving starting points. Course summary During this...
Date: 21 February 2018   viewed 188 times

  Problem Solving in Every Lesson (KS1&2) NCETM CPD Standard Holder
During this course participants will have an opportunity to explore different ways of incorporating problem solving into every day maths lessons in the context of the National Curriculum. In the first day teachers will develop...
Date: 21 February 2018 - 21 March 2018   viewed 116 times

  Teaching mathematics GCSE content with understanding NCETM CPD Standard Holder
Explore the content of the mathematics GCSE and gain an understanding of the importance of mathematical reasoning and problem solving. Develop problem solving skills and resilience in the context of hard to teach GCSE topics....
Date: 22 February 2018 - 01 May 2018   viewed 119 times

  The Building Blocks of Early Years Maths NCETM CPD Standard Holder
Mathematical learning is like a building, made up of many bricks, which connect together and form a strong structure. Without the firmest foundations at the bottom (i.e those secured in the early years) this structure...
Date: 12 January 2018 - 23 February 2018   viewed 217 times

  An Introduction to Using Numicon in KS2 NCETM CPD Standard Holder
This course aims to develop practitioner’s effective use of the Numicon approach for Number and Geometry at KS2. It focuses on the theory behind Numicon, and developing effective use of the materials to build key...
Date: 26 February 2018   viewed 214 times

  Building confidence as a non-specialist secondary mathematics teacher NCETM CPD Standard Holder
Perfect for teachers of mathematics who aren't specialists, increase your skills and knowledge of the subject and become more confident in your teaching of mathematics. Suitable for teachers in secondary schools and FE colleges. Do...
Date: 26 February 2018 - 11 June 2018   viewed 48 times

  Mathematical Reasoning and Problem Solving in Every Maths Lesson (KS1 & 2) NCETM CPD Standard Holder
Course aims To recognise how mathematical reasoning and problem solving can be part of every maths lesson. To develop strategies to plan for mathematical reasoning and thinking in every maths lesson. To explore and evaluate...
Date: 01 March 2018   viewed 280 times

  Teaching the new mathematics A level NCETM CPD Standard Holder
The new mathematics A level specifications require all students to study aspects of pure mathematics, statistics, and mechanics in the new linear format. In addition, three overarching themes of mathematical argument and proof, problem solving,...
Date: 08 January 2018 - 02 March 2018   viewed 123 times

  Mastering mathematics at key stage 3 NCETM CPD Standard Holder
It is important that mathematics at key stage 3 builds upon the mathematical experiences students experience at primary school. Designed for teachers of mathematics at key stage 3, explore what is meant by mastery, consider...
Date: 05 March 2018 - 05 June 2018   viewed 86 times

1 to 10 of 616
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About the Professional Development Calendar

The Professional Development Calendar enables teachers of mathematics to find opportunities to meet their professional development (PD) needs. PD Opportunities may include courses, events, conferences, and workshops, as well as online training, including the NCETM Online Courses.

Please contact us at info@ncetm.org.uk if you have details of an event that you would like to include in the Directory.

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