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Taking Action Measuring Impact

Last updated 25 September 2013 by ncetm_administrator


The NCETM launched its action research projects for the FE Sector at the end of 2007as part of the Teaching and Learning Programme (formally the National Teaching & Learning Change Programme), for mathematics and engineering.

An action research or development project in this context is a short- term (6-9 months), focused piece of work involving examining a set of circumstances with a view to improving practice. In our case it was about exploring how improvements could be made to teaching and learning through CPD activity

From the expressions of interests received 34 action research projects (ARP’s) – 17 maths and 17 engineering - were commissioned from a range of providers, that included 6FC, GFE, ACL and WBL. Each of the project holders received support to draw up an action plan and consider strategies for measuring the impact.off the project. Interim networks were held in May to review progress and share practice as well as offer support for the final report .The action plans and interim reports for mathematics are now available on the portal and on the QIA gateway for engineering together with some materials that have already been developed. All projects are well under way and due to complete by the end of July. The final reports will be on the portal and QIA gateway from September 2008 together with all the relevant materials/resources that have been developed across the projects.

A dissemination event is planned for the 24th September in London to show- case the projects, share practice and to invite interest for the next round of action research projects 2008-2009.

Details of this event and how to register an expression of interest for the next round of ARP’s will be posted on the portal later in the summer.


View all the Taking Action Measuring Impact projects

View a list of the projects, by Theme:
Supporting non specialist maths practioners with maths
and numeracy to develop own practice

Using coaching and/or collaborative strategies and techniques
to improve practice and explore effective pedagogical approaches

Using good practice in Teaching & Learning to support colleagues with the transition from Key Skills to Functional Skills

View a list of the projects, by region:
North East, North West, Yorkshire & the Humber, East Midlands,
West Midlands, East of England, London, South East, South West



View the projects by this theme
View the projects by this theme
View the projects by this theme

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