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NCETM Funded Projects - a brief history

The NCETM launched its funding programme in 2006 by approving a range of small grant projects involving teachers in development projects that would impact on the quality of their own practice and that of their colleagues.

To disseminate the findings of a number of these projects, the NCETM published an evidence bulletin and two teacher enquiry bulletins. Each carries a précis of the research carried out and provide guidance as to further reading. All are available online.

Funding continued through to 2011, when the National Centre commissioned an external independent report of the impact of networks of teachers and schools, funded by the NCETM Funded Projects programme. The study was conducted by the Institute of Education, University of London.

Current funded projects

We don't currently offer any funding for projects. However, you may wish to contact your local Maths Hub to find out about any projects you may be able to get involved with.

Other (non-NCETM) sources of project funding

There are many other routes available to teachers, schools and other organisations seeking funding for various sorts of mathematical activities. Here we’ve collated just some of the organisations offering opportunities at the moment. If we’ve missed any that you are aware of, please let us know so we can share this information with everybody.

Previous funded projects

The NCETM Funded Projects Scheme was divided into six areas:

Collaborative Teacher Projects (CTP)

Collaborative Teacher ProjectsIn June 2012 we launched  the Collaborative Teacher Projects programme, promoting mathematical and arithmetic proficiency. The aim of these projects was for teachers to work collaboratively on projects that focus on Mathematical Proficiency, in Primary and Secondary Schools, with a particular focus on Arithmetic Proficiency in Primary schools.


Teacher Enquiry Funded Projects (TEFP)

Teacher Enquiry Funded Projects (TEFP)

In-depth and independent method of enquiry as opposed to regional projects and MKNs - ideal for those teachers who had more experience with research. They were be suitable for teachers keen to undertake action research focused on a particular area of their teaching. We offered funding of up to £5 000 for these.


Mathematics Knowledge Networks (MKN)


Mathematics Knowledge Networks (MKN)

We offered funding to support Networks (teachers from same school or areas from 2-3 teachers up to 30 or more) to discuss a specific area of Mathematical Knowledge. Each MKN was for £2 000 only. A list of focused areas of engagement for MKNs was provided, from which they chose starting points on the portal to kick start their discussions.


Further Mathematics Knowledge Networks (FMKN)


Further Mathematics Knowledge Networks (FMKN)

Similar to the MKNs the aim was to support the establishment of Further Mathematics Knowledge Networks (FMKNs) by funding teacher groups to work collaboratively to develop Further Mathematics knowledge and pedagogy within their region. FMKNs involved teachers from several schools and colleges in a region, supporting each other in the delivery of further mathematics.


Regional Projects Programme (RPP)


Regional Projects Programme (RPP)

The RPP were small amounts of funding for those who wanted to make a start in the area of teacher enquiry but who welcomed help from a regional coordinator to support them through the process.

STEM Knowledge Networks: joint NCETM/National STEM Centre projects

STEM Knowledge Networks

The NCETM provided funding for projects that have a particular cross-curricular focus, linking mathematics with science, technology and engineering. The National STEM Centre managed these projects, working closely with the NCETM.