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Learning Maths Outside the Classroom - Human Graphs
A well-chosen area of the school grounds and some simple marking devices provide an opportunity for pupils to see a 3-dimensional presentation of many types of graph and to take an active part by representing particular co-ordinates themselves. The experience of walking over and around the graph enables pupils to form a more concrete understanding of what is essentially an...
Posted: 28 April 2008 12:29

FE and Skills, Improving your knowledge, algebra, graphs
Posted: 30 April 2015 14:17

Data handling, graphs and charts
FE and Skills, Improving your knowledge, statistics and probability, data handling, graphs and charts
Posted: 30 April 2015 11:40

Distance Time Graphs
FE and Skills, Improving your knowledge, algebra, distance time graphs
Posted: 01 May 2015 11:56

What Makes A Good Resource - Graph Transforms
The what makes a good resource microsite is a place where you will find some interesting resources and ideas for lessons. Read more about the resource Graph Transforms
Posted: 09 August 2010 11:54

Dynamic Graphing B
Dynamic Graphing B
Posted: 31 March 2011 11:43

Maths in Work: Graphs for Specific Information
Maths in work is a collection of video clips showing maths being used in work context. This clips is from SSL International about how using a graph to find specific information.
Posted: 19 May 2008 14:44

4. Sequences and graphs
4. Sequences and graphs
Posted: 25 July 2019 11:37

Mathematics Matters Lesson Accounts 33 - Interpreting and Constructing Travel Graphs
One of a collection of lesson accounts written by conference and colloquia delegates. This account is by Marion Dovey.
Posted: 28 May 2008 16:13

A Year 6 lesson on line graphs
A Year 6 lesson on line graphs
Posted: 25 August 2016 09:35
1 to 10 of 943
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