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Mathemapedia - the mathematics education wiki

Mathemapedia is a wiki for mathematics education for all teachers of mathematics. You can write your own entries, edit and develop entries already there, and/or simply read entries that other teachers have written.

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  Teacher Expectations and Assumptions
Being told repeatedly that you are not expected to do very much or to do very well may be the most undermining experience learners have at school.
Approved on 22/05/12 09:26   Viewed 10136 times

  Online Scientific Calculator
An online Scientific Calculator. Useful if you are caught without your own.
Approved on 18/04/11 09:21   Viewed 293 times

Clarity and generality in talking about sequences
Approved on 18/04/11 09:01   Viewed 1019 times

  “I thought I knew all about this topic, but now I am not so sure”
In common with most other subjects, in mathematics it is rare to have a complete and full understanding of any topic. There is almost always more to learn, more connections to make, more insights to...
Approved on 14/10/10 09:40   Viewed 6488 times

  Why Use Some Particular Pedagogical Strategy or Didactic Device
Knowing what you plan to do is one thing; justifying that choice can be quite another. Becoming articulate about those choices enables you to reconsider whether there might be other equally or even more effective...
Approved on 14/10/10 09:28   Viewed 624 times

  Mind the "gender" gap
The National picture in mathematics is that whilst girls outperform boys in Key Stage 1 by the end of Key Stage 2, more boys achieve level 4 than girls and, a higher percentage of boys...
Approved on 28/09/10 15:53   Viewed 1369 times

  Preparing to teach fractions
This entry gives some detail about the aspects and issues you may need to think about to help pupils understand what a fraction is, how to operate with fractions and the links between fractions and...
Approved on 25/08/10 14:26   Viewed 53071 times

  Girls’ perceptions of mathematics as a subject in secondary school
Prior to the late 1990’s, there has been a long history of concern about differential performance of boys and girls in mathematics as boys were noticeably outperforming girls on assessments such as APU (Assessment of...
Approved on 15/04/09 13:49   Viewed 18505 times

  Developing Pupils' Problem Solving Skills
How do we give pupils the confidence to use their mathematical understanding, knowledge and skills to solve mathematical problems. A problem in this context is something that requires mathematical understanding, knowledge and skills to solve....
Approved on 15/04/09 10:30   Viewed 31105 times

  Learning - what does learning mathematics look like?
Mathematics learning takes many forms. Effective mathematics learning involves weaving different forms of learning together to create a meaningful path for the learner to follow. Add your idea to the collection to give your view...
Approved on 03/02/09 19:18   Viewed 7914 times
1 to 10 of 43

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