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Mathemapedia - the mathematics education wiki

Mathemapedia is a wiki for mathematics education for all teachers of mathematics. You can write your own entries, edit and develop entries already there, and/or simply read entries that other teachers have written.

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  Helping pupils to get unstuck
Every learner of mathematics gets stuck. It is important for each learner to recognise when this happens and have some strategies for dealing with it. It is also important for a teacher to encourage pupils...
Approved on 12/06/15 08:57   Viewed 17108 times

  The Ultimate Classroom
What would your ultimate maths classroom look like? What resources would would in it? What' resources would you have? Think out of the box!
Approved on 29/07/14 10:00   Viewed 723 times

  Dynamic Geometry
Dynamic geometry software enables the user to construct points, lines, loci and geometrical shapes in the Euclidean plane. These can then be transformed and controlled by the user. For example, points can be dragged around...
Approved on 17/12/13 14:02   Viewed 8057 times

  using real data
There is access on the web to loads of real data, but often not in a form which students can work with immediately. Working with made up data, or data in contexts which students do...
Approved on 17/10/12 13:22   Viewed 12027 times

  Preparing to teach decimals
Think about how to teach the concept of decimals and the skills behind using decimals so that all pupils/students are confident in their learning of this topic.
Approved on 23/08/12 17:43   Viewed 1030 times

  Perimeter of a Rectangle
A look at teaching the concept of perimeter of a rectangle against the backdrop of contructs and ideas developed by Pirie and Kieren (1994) and Watson and Mason (2006)
Approved on 23/08/12 17:42   Viewed 814 times

  Developing Learners' Natural Powers
Every child comes to school having demonstrated amazing natural powers of sense making. The question therefore for teachers is whether those powers are being called upon and developed, or whether they are being usurped, thereby...
Approved on 09/11/11 08:30   Viewed 16095 times

  The Instrumental Maths Teacher - A Poem
Skemp's observations on the difference between Relational and Instrumental Understanding need to be considered by mathematics teachers. The lifelong impact on learners is not trivial.
Approved on 23/06/11 11:36   Viewed 5587 times

  Assesment Using Handheld Technology
The ways in which a wireless classroom using the TI-84 graphical calculator and a Navigator system can be used for assessment.
Approved on 14/05/11 09:05   Viewed 231 times

  Using rich collaborative tasks in AS and A2
Using rich mathematical tasks can solve many of the problems that arise at AS and A2 but what is a rich task and where can they be found?
Approved on 10/05/11 11:30   Viewed 15422 times
1 to 10 of 253
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