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Mathemapedia - the mathematics education wiki

Mathemapedia is a wiki for mathematics education for all teachers of mathematics. You can write your own entries, edit and develop entries already there, and/or simply read entries that other teachers have written.

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  Enactive, Iconic, and Symbolic Modalities
The modalities of Enactive, Iconic and Symbolic have long been seen as a linear progression. Each move along that progression has been valued as an increase in mathematical ability. However, one must wonder what mathematical...
Approved on 29/07/14 10:01   Viewed 317 times

  The Ultimate Classroom
What would your ultimate maths classroom look like? What resources would would in it? What' resources would you have? Think out of the box!
Approved on 29/07/14 10:00   Viewed 723 times

  Teaching by Listening
The temptation when you understand something that others don’t yet understand, is to tell them. (Teacher Lust). It is also possible to teach through listening (Davis 1996).
Approved on 29/08/12 10:18   Viewed 14166 times

  Perimeter of a Rectangle
A look at teaching the concept of perimeter of a rectangle against the backdrop of contructs and ideas developed by Pirie and Kieren (1994) and Watson and Mason (2006)
Approved on 23/08/12 17:42   Viewed 814 times

  PLAYful Habits of Mind
The habits of mind articulated by Cuoco, Goldenberg, and Mark, (1997) suggest a particular way of being with mathematics that would seem to connect with constructs of play suggested by Brown (2008). However, these habits...
Approved on 23/08/12 17:40   Viewed 132 times

  Inner & Outer Aspects of Tasks
Dick Tahta used the distinction between 'outer task' (what you are asked to do) and 'inner task' (what you might encounter when doing the outer task). Making the inner task explicit can destroy the opportunity...
Approved on 23/08/12 17:34   Viewed 33 times

  Developing Learners' Natural Powers
Every child comes to school having demonstrated amazing natural powers of sense making. The question therefore for teachers is whether those powers are being called upon and developed, or whether they are being usurped, thereby...
Approved on 09/11/11 08:30   Viewed 16095 times

  Understanding Mathematics
What does it mean to understand mathematics? To understand a mathematical topic? Do you ever really fully understand a mathematical topic? Educators through history have endeavoured to specify what they mean by understanding mathematics. You...
Approved on 23/08/11 09:02   Viewed 7825 times

  Reacting and Responding
Reactions to situations are the working through of habits which are triggered by the situation. Responses are considered, and can be justified (from the root meaning of spond).
Approved on 20/07/11 12:59   Viewed 3731 times

  Mathematics as a Human Activity
Earliest records, prior even to the earliest writing, reveal activity which could be considered mathematical.
Approved on 20/07/11 11:46   Viewed 3920 times
1 to 10 of 132
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