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Mathemapedia - the mathematics education wiki

Mathemapedia is a wiki for mathematics education for all teachers of mathematics. You can write your own entries, edit and develop entries already there, and/or simply read entries that other teachers have written.

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  Division of Fractions - Why do we multiply to divide?
Division of whole numbers is very different from division of fractions which often confuses and frustrates students as they engage in learning this new concept. Students tend to misapply their understanding of division of whole...
Approved on 23/08/12 17:36   Viewed 1373 times

  Ways of working with a bead bar
The bead bar (a piece of equipment made up of ten groups of ten beads in alternate colours) provides a useful bridge between two important images of number - the cardinal (separate countable objects) and...
Approved on 08/07/11 14:25   Viewed 21536 times

  Ways of working with Dienes' Apparatus
This apparatus provides a cardinal image for large numbers (i.e. an image of "how many") and provides a sense of large numbers by showing them comprised of 1s, 10s, 100s and 100s.
Approved on 07/07/11 11:18   Viewed 15956 times

  Cuisenaire Rods
Think about how you can use Cuisenaire Rods to develop pupils' mathematical understanding across the age range
Approved on 18/04/11 10:00   Viewed 1236 times

  At the board, on the desk, in the head
Find out more about using IWBs interactively in secondary mathematics lessons.
Approved on 18/01/11 10:37   Viewed 86551 times

  Grid Algebra
Software from ATM for teaching: (a) number work (e.g. tables, factors, negative numbers); (b) introducing formal algebraic notation and order of operations; (c) working with unknowns; (d) algebra topics (e.g. equivalent expressions, substitution, factorising, multiplying...
Approved on 13/10/10 14:26   Viewed 1144 times

  Mathematics in the mind
Where do we do mathematics? Is it all in the mind? This article suggest that we should worry less about what our children write down, and wonders about the difficulties of assessing genuine progress in...
Approved on 25/06/10 11:25   Viewed 979 times

  Ways of working with a Gattegno (Place Value) Chart
The place value chart consists of the number 1 to 9 in a row with the number 10 to 90 underneath them, 100 to 900 underneath those and so on. It provides the opportunity for...
Approved on 20/04/09 12:08   Viewed 19565 times

  The Self Evaluation Tool – Mathematics-specific Pedagogy in the Early Years
The Mathematics-specific pedagogy area has 8 sections to reflect upon, but it is best not to try and do too much at once. It is better to cover one area thoroughly than scratch the surface...
Approved on 17/04/09 16:56   Viewed 7470 times

  Testing testing
Many learners find it difficult to grasp the subtleties of the logical basis of hypothesis testing.
Approved on 17/04/09 16:49   Viewed 8124 times
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