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Mathemapedia - the mathematics education wiki

Mathemapedia is a wiki for mathematics education for all teachers of mathematics. You can write your own entries, edit and develop entries already there, and/or simply read entries that other teachers have written.

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  Division of Fractions - Why do we multiply to divide?
Division of whole numbers is very different from division of fractions which often confuses and frustrates students as they engage in learning this new concept. Students tend to misapply their understanding of division of whole...
Approved on 23/08/12 17:36   Viewed 1373 times

  Mind the "gender" gap
The National picture in mathematics is that whilst girls outperform boys in Key Stage 1 by the end of Key Stage 2, more boys achieve level 4 than girls and, a higher percentage of boys...
Approved on 28/09/10 15:53   Viewed 1369 times

  A lesson without the opportunity for learners to generalise (mathematically) is not a mathematics lesson
Mathematics is fundamentally about becoming aware of and expressing generality.
Approved on 25/09/10 11:45   Viewed 33166 times

  Develop mathematical thinking by using logo
This article looks at "What is Logo?", "A brief history of Logo", how to use Logo in the classroom, the impact of Logo on schools and pupils and "What to look for when choosing Logo...
Approved on 25/09/10 11:30   Viewed 2202 times

What role do learners play in learning? Various forms of constructivism have been put forward to try to account for how learning takes place?
Approved on 17/04/10 10:50   Viewed 2826 times

  Maths at the movies
Maths at the Movies is an innovative concept where teachers use popular children’s films and cartoons to inspire mathematical learning.
Approved on 14/02/10 10:59   Viewed 3947 times

  Gifted and talented
A brief introduction to the subject of gifted and talented learners
Approved on 20/04/09 13:06   Viewed 7986 times

  The Six Areas of Learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage
There is a great deal of information out there to help you plan to develop connections between the six areas.
Approved on 17/04/09 16:59   Viewed 21267 times

  Cognitive Obstacles to Learning Mathematics
Cognitive obstacles are difficulties which learners come up against in their thinking because of the complexity of the idea or topic. They are also known as epistemological obstacles because they involve difficulties in understanding an...
Approved on 17/04/09 10:18   Viewed 16081 times

  Support for Planning at Key Stage 2
The Renewed Primary framework for Mathemtics covers the National Curriculum for Key-stages 1 and 2. The Primary framework contains a range of resources and materials to support the development, planning and teaching of all aspects...
Approved on 16/04/09 14:55   Viewed 8578 times
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