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Mathemapedia is a wiki for mathematics education for all teachers of mathematics. You can write your own entries, edit and develop entries already there, and/or simply read entries that other teachers have written.

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  The Instrumental Maths Teacher - A Poem
Skemp's observations on the difference between Relational and Instrumental Understanding need to be considered by mathematics teachers. The lifelong impact on learners is not trivial.
Approved on 23/06/11 11:36   Viewed 5587 times

Clarity and generality in talking about sequences
Approved on 18/04/11 09:01   Viewed 1019 times

  Creating an Atmosphere for Useful Conjecture
The ethos of a classroom can support mathematical thinking or it can block mathematical thinking. Approaches which expect pupils to follow the teacher’s examples may not give the pupils enough time to question and explore...
Approved on 04/01/11 09:59   Viewed 22764 times

  Mind the "gender" gap
The National picture in mathematics is that whilst girls outperform boys in Key Stage 1 by the end of Key Stage 2, more boys achieve level 4 than girls and, a higher percentage of boys...
Approved on 28/09/10 15:53   Viewed 1369 times

  Learning from their Mistakes
This article briefly outlines a real event that happened recently and the importance of thinking about what we can learn from wrong answers about what children DO understand.
Approved on 17/04/10 11:02   Viewed 2136 times

  Learning Trajectory
The term hypothetical learning trajectory has been used by Marti Simon (1995) and other authors to describe the assumptions made by a teacher when planning a sequence of lessons.
Approved on 14/02/10 10:55   Viewed 20353 times

What are the obstacles to full comprehension that learners sometimes encounter regarding decimals?
Approved on 01/07/09 21:43   Viewed 10431 times

  Oblong or rectangle?
Is a square a rectangle? Yes, but it's a special rectangle. So shouldn't we be more careful about what we call a non-special rectangle?
Approved on 21/05/09 17:36   Viewed 22424 times

  Why is the variance of the difference the sum of the variances?
The means of variables behave very intuitively, but not so the variances, and many pupils find this very difficult to really come to terms with. Even if they can say the right words when asked...
Approved on 20/04/09 13:41   Viewed 7024 times

  Types of Errors
Some errors are slips, where attention is inappropriately diverted by some feature; others are more substantial, being based on misunderstanding some concept or representation [see concept image]. The list, in the main body, was compiled...
Approved on 17/04/09 17:03   Viewed 15134 times
1 to 10 of 52

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