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Across the National Centre website, you may come across small icons, which are used to signal different types of CPD activity. The icons were originally designed for the Excellence in Mathematics Leadership (EiML) microsite, and so may not all be applicable to all areas.

Activity - this icon signals the opportunity to engage in some activity with other colleagues. Some of these activities could be suitable for use with colleagues in staff meetings or other group CPD sessions.
Digging Deeper – this icon is used on the website to point users towards further reading. In the context of the EiML microsite, this icon points to links to specific papers written especially for the in-depth modules of the microsite. While links to these are embedded at particular points in the text of certain modules, they also stand alone as important documents, and a link to them is provided in the Quicklinks menu on the right-hand side of the screen. 
Discuss – this is an invitation to discuss an issue arising from an activity, reading, etc. with a colleague: this could be a fellow mathematics subject leader or SMT colleague at school; you may also wish to discuss issues within an online community or forum.
lightbulb Idea - this indicates a suggestion or an idea

Link – where material in an in-depth module [of the EiML microsite] is linked to material in another, or to elsewhere in the NCETM website or beyond, we have provide an easy link to this.
Listen – this icon indicates there is an audio file for you to listen to.

Mathematics Subject Leader File – in the context of the EiML microsite, we recommend that you keep a subject leader file where you can store and organise finished documents, recorded policies, minutes of meetings, action points, etc. At times throughout the EiML there are suggestions of things you might record in such a file.
Personal Learning Space – there may be times when you wish to record reflections, actions or tasks. The Learning Journal within your Personal Learning Space is an excellent place to do this, although you will need to be registered and logged in to use this facility.
question mark Question - indicates a question

Read – indicates where you are invited to read an article.

SET - points you towards using the NCETM Self-evaluation Tools (SET).

star (suggestion) Star - indicates an idea, recommendation or a suggestion

Think and reflect – signals an appropriate moment for you to pause and reflect on the various activities, discussion points and readings that you have engaged in. You may wish to use your Personal Learning Space to record your reflections.
Watch – indicates video material.