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About the Centre

About the Centre

Our aims

The aims of the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) are to raise levels of achievement in maths, and to increase appreciation of the power and wonder of maths, across the school, sixth form college and further education system.

In this context, our specific task is to try to ensure that all teachers of maths—and this includes all primary school teachers, and non-specialist maths teachers—have easy access to high quality, evidence-based maths-specific continuing professional development (CPD) at every point of their careers.

Put another way, we want to help raise the professional status, and the professionalism, of all those engaged in the teaching of maths.

Our activities

Collaborating with Government and its agencies, higher education institutions, research bodies, maths subject associations and other bodies devoted to maths education, we operate in three main ways:

  • Through our website, where individual teachers, however experienced, can check and refine their subject knowledge and pedagogy, access a vast archive of classroom-based research, and exchange views and experience with colleagues around the country;
  • Through our support (face to face and online) for all schools, colleges, organisations and individuals with a professional development role as providers of CPD for teachers of maths in all settings, and in providing a framework for quality assurance of that provision;
  • By identifying aspects of maths teaching where additional CPD support is needed, and trialling new programmes to address these needs, which may then be disseminated more widely;
  • By disseminating research-based papers, summarising our current thinking in key areas of mathematics education, aimed at the whole maths education community, including classroom teachers. Recent examples of this work include:

All our work is underpinned by the knowledge, supported by widespread research, that effective maths teaching is based on:

  • strong subject knowledge,
  • an understanding of how pupils learn maths, and
  • the skills and confidence to use this knowledge effectively in the classroom

Our work in more detail

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