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NCETM Opportunities

NCETM Recruitment Opportunities

Thank you for visiting our recruitment page. Unfortunately, the NCETM isn't recruiting at the moment, but any future opportunities will be advertised here.

Maths Hubs Recruitment Opportunities

London South East Maths Hub is seeking to appoint a Project Coordinator, based at Redriff Primary School.

Key accountabilities:

  • Ensure the delivery and marketing of the projects, by facilitating regular liaison between the Maths Hub Lead (MHL) and Work Group Lead (WGL) for each project
  • Responsible for ensuring project commitments are fully met by liaising with WGLs; national trainings are attended, high quality content is delivered and evaluations are collected and scrutinised
  • Facilitating marketing and promotion of events, ensuring the organisation and management of speakers, materials as well as presenting at the events and associated promotional activities
  • Review and adapt contracts to reflect WGL expectations to deliver the project, the financial and supportive offer to schools and individuals leading the projects
  • Lead on the recruitment and attraction of schools, leaders of mathematics and teachers to lead and participate in projects across London South East
  • Responsible for delivery of information regarding national and local Math hub issues are current, up-dated by liaising with MHL to ensure deadlines are met

Provide cohesive and coherent communication for all stake holders in the LSE Maths Hub:

  • Coordinate and facilitate meetings for MHL, Senior Leads, financial leads and Strategic board members to keep projects on track
  • Attend meetings as representative of the Maths hub and record minutes and ensure actions are delivered. Track and monitor tasks and actions by communicating regularly with all leads to ensure projects are delivered in a timely manner
  • Manage and responsible for recording and maintaining accurate and up- to-date information, both in digital and physical format and refer as necessary

Manage financial administration:

  • Ensure project budgets are on track and met through liaison with MHL and WGL
  • Prepare and manage excel mini budgets to track budget and expenditure
  • Itemise and track purchase orders and expenditure
  • Manage expenditures in accordance with audit requirements, liaising with financial team to ensure compliance

Promote projects, hub work and manage online platforms through:

  • Responsible for the marketing and promotion of the projects with all stakeholders to ensure successful engagement with and delivery of the projects
  • Draft and distribute flyer information, Eventbrite invitations and mail merge emails
  • Collate contacts from ongoing work on Mail Chimp, Eventbrite and RAG report
  • Manage and promote the hub on twitter with regular updates
  • Liaise with partners to keep information and data digitally up-to-date through unified use of technology and lead the Hub to make modern and progressive changes

Visit the school website to download an application form and job description.

Apply to admin@mathshublondonse.co.uk.

The application deadline is 30 November, with interviews on 3 December.