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Out now: Issue 98 of our Primary Magazine

Created on 21 September 2017 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 21 September 2017 by ncetm_administrator

'ice-cream cone' by sussexcareers (adapted), some rights reserved

We've published Issue 98 of our Primary Magazine. Now that the long summer is a distant memory and the early mornings have a distinct chill to them, we take a look at the curriculum areas covered by this summer’s KS2 SATs and point out It’s not just about Year 6 content! We also offer a peek at the first chunk of the soon-to-be-published NCETM Mastery PD Materials, that will track a mathematical learning journey from Y1-Y6.

This issue's featured articles

NCETM event photoKS2 SATs – it’s not just about Year 6 content
If you’re teaching Y6 this year, no doubt you have paused for a moment to consider the content of the KS2 Maths SATs. However, are you aware that what children have learned before they reach Y6 forms a substantial part of the SATs content? This article looks at the curriculum content covered by this summer’s SATs papers and offers classroom ideas for some of the key teaching points.


'bus' image from articleIntroducing the Mastery Professional Development project
What are the steps and processes a child goes through when learning to subtract 3 from 5? We can teach a child a procedure, but how do we ensure that children gain ‘number sense’ and understand concepts deeply? This is what the team behind the project, has been addressing. The project is now beginning to publish exemplification materials for classroom use but with important professional development commentary explaining the pedagogy behind each small step. This feature explains the project and allows a peek at the materials.

This year’s primary projects in Maths Hubs

Maths Hubs are gearing up for new projects on a range of themes this year, including several focusing on primary mathematics. Alongside the continuing work, led by Mastery Specialists, in nearly two thousand schools, each Maths Hub is now recruiting teachers and schools for separate, smaller professional development projects (Work Groups) in a number of related areas, including:

  • Intervention to help pupils keep up
  • Lesson design and showing evidence of understanding at greater depth
  • Subject and pedagogical knowledge for teachers and TAs
  • Continuity in maths between Year 5 and Year 8
  • Maths in Early Years, including early language development.

If you or your school would like to take part in any of these funded projects, contact your local Maths Hub to find out which ones they are running this year.

And here are some other things for your attention:

  • You may remember reading, in a recent issue of this magazine, about a research project, into the teaching of times-tables, completed by a group of teachers in one of the Maths Hubs in London. Well, they’ve committed their findings to print in a 54-page book, Talk Times Tables. More details and purchase information from admin@eleanorpalmer.camden.sch.uk.
  • On the subject of times tables, the Education Secretary has stated that from 2019, Y4s will sit times tables tests (not Y6s as originally planned). In the same statement to parliament, she announced a number of reforms to primary assessment including introduction of a ‘base line’ test in reception (from Sept 2020) to replace end of KS1 SATs (becoming non-statutory in 2023).
  • A report into how disadvantaged children can be helped in maths has identified and commended a number of schools participating in the Maths Hubs’ Teaching for Mastery programme. The report, from the Fair Education Alliance makes a number of recommendations to schools including ‘a whole class approach’, teachers planning together, and developing a culture of ‘everyone can do maths’. Many of the schools cite teaching for mastery as pivotal to their success.

Don’t forget that all previous editions of the magazine are accessible through our Primary Magazine Archive, where you can find previous articles arranged by type as well as by issue number. Each of our magazines can be downloaded as a PDF document, and you can sign up to an RSS feed for any of our online magazines so you never need miss another issue.


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