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Issue 145 of our Secondary Magazine is now out

Created on 30 November 2017 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 30 November 2017 by ncetm_administrator

In the latest issue of our Secondary Magazine we highlight some of the joys of teaching Core Maths (including arguments for the non-existence of Santa), and offer some support and commentary on using our new KS3 Mastery Assessment Materials.

Core Maths explores a couple of great modelling activities designed and road-tested by Core Maths pioneers. New funding, announced in the budget to encourage a greater uptake of post-16 mathematics study, ‘has potential to really boost the uptake of Core Maths’ says NCETM Director, Charlie Stripp. Here we give more of a flavour of what it’s about and why schools and colleges should teach it.

In Assessing Mastery for KS3 we hear from some teachers who have been using the recently published Key Stage 3 Mastery Assessment Materials. Maybe you’ve already had a chance to have a look at them? We also feature some of our favourite questions, suggest different ways they might be used and share some of the rationale behind the materials. Will this publication be as popular as the Primary Mastery Assessment Materials (downloaded over 1.3 million times since publication in 2015)?

And some other things to draw to your attention:

  • Since our last issue, we’ve launched NCETM podcasts, and the two episodes so far are firmly in secondary territory. In the first, our director Charlie Stripp, is challenged by two secondary maths teachers, to defend his assertion that students with GCSE Grade 5 should be allowed to study A level maths. In Episode 2 - just out - we hear what the exam boards learnt when they marked all those new GCSE exam papers last summer
  • A set of five-minute videos, providing ideas for A level Maths/Further Maths lessons, is now on the FMSP website. Each video covers an overarching theme (e.g. proof) and is accompanied by resources both for use in the classroom, and for professional development with colleagues. Alternatively, you could join their PD Video Club and take part in a Twitter discussion around a video, each Monday night. On Monday 4 December, it’s Mechanics: Kinematic Graphs
  • The NCETM has responded to the budget announcement last week, of extra money for schools/colleges that increase their numbers studying AS level, A level and Core Maths
  • DfE-commissioned research, published on 27 November, reports on what constitutes effective delivery and teaching of Maths and English to students aged 16-18 who did not achieve A*–C at GCSE
  • The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) is seeking 10-12 maths teachers for a focus group to assist in the design of educational resources showcasing the science and technology the council is involved in. All expenses paid and preferential access to the resources offered.

Each magazine can be downloaded as a PDF document, and you can catch up on any previous issues you may have missed in the Secondary Magazine Archive. We have an RSS feed for each of our online magazines so you never need miss another issue.

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