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NCETM Newsletter - January 2018

Created on 19 January 2018 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 19 January 2018 by ncetm_administrator

Happy New Year, and welcome to our first newsletter of 2018, where we’ve details of new opportunities to work with the NCETM team, and additions to our mastery professional development materials for Key Stage 1 teachers.

Also this month:

New positions at the NCETM

Applications for jobs in four areas of the NCETM’s activity are now open. All roles involve working closely with Maths Hubs, and include specialisms in primary maths, secondary maths and maths-specific school improvement. Full details and application information are on our Recruitment page. Closing date for all posts is 5 February.

Year 1 Mastery PD Materials complete

We’ve added new content to the professional development materials in the teaching for mastery section of our website, which completes the materials for number, addition and subtraction in Year 1. The resource is intended to help enhance teachers’ pedagogical subject knowledge and support them in the design of lessons. Further additions will be made during the school year.

New NCETM podcast

The latest NCETM podcast tells the story of a primary teacher undergoing a powerful maths lesson observation experience in Shanghai, and features an explanation of how this style of group observation is influencing Maths Hubs' work in England.

The teacher, Jonathan Leeming, gave a lesson, on small denominations of money, to a class in Shanghai, and then repeated the lesson to a different class, with key changes following feedback from a group of teachers who observed the first lesson. In the podcast, he explains how the experience has affected his thoughts about lesson observations in general.

A colleague of his in the North North West Maths Hub area, Helen Madeley, explains how the Shanghai approach to collaborative lesson planning, observation and discussion is influencing all Work Groups in the field of teaching for mastery across the Maths Hubs Network.

You can also read about Jonathan's lesson observation experiences in a recent Primary Magazine.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcasts so you don’t miss another – details are on our podcast page.

News from the Maths Hubs programme

We’ve just published the latest issue of Bespoke, the newsletter of the Maths Hubs programme. This issue looks at a national Maths Hub project looking at fractions teaching from Year 5 to Year 8, and gives details of additional funding for Maths Hubs to expand work with secondary maths teachers, and start new work in Early Years.

In brief

  • We've previously mentioned the proposal to merge the five Subject Associations (AMET, ATM, MA, NAMA and NANAMIC). Representatives of these bodies met on 4 December to discuss the future of mathematics subject associations and the possibility of forming a new single association for mathematics education. You can read the agreed notes of the meeting here.
  • Our consortium partners, MEI, have won a technology award for a problem-solving app they’ve jointly designed with the Sigma-Network organisation. The app, Sumaze!, involves arithmetic, inequalities, the modulus function, indices, logarithms and primes. Find out more.
  • NSPCC Number Day takes place on 2 February: register now to involve your pupils in a national fundraising day that raises the profile of mathematics.

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