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Our latest Secondary Magazine is out!

Created on 09 October 2018 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 09 October 2018 by ncetm_administrator

'Pumpkins' by Jonathan Tallber (adapted), in the public domain

The first issue of our Secondary Magazine of the new school year features a discussion with the exam boards about this summer’s GCSE papers, and we hear how a Mastery Specialist is getting on with introducing teaching for mastery in her school. As a third, new, feature, we'll be signposting an article from our Primary Magazine, that may be of relevance or interest to secondary teachers.

Our first article springs from our latest podcast, where we gathered together representatives from OCR, Edexcel, and AQA, to pick their brains about this summer’s GCSE exam questions. In this issue we pull out what they told us about the areas students are still finding difficult.

Wendy Smith, a Secondary Mastery Specialist, featured in the previous issue looking at a school starting to introduce teaching for mastery. Two and a half weeks into the new school year, she tells us how it’s going.

Finally, in the current issue of our Primary Magazine we look at ‘subitising’, an important skill for young children to develop, but with relevance to teachers of all age groups. Subitising is recognising how many things are in a group without having to count them one by one. Dots on dominoes or dice provide good examples of where we, without thinking, subitise. Do you know if your secondary students subitise?

And some other things to draw to your attention:

  • Have you thought about professional development for you or your department this year? The Maths Hubs website gives an overview of national CPD projects, and your local Maths Hub will be able to tell you what’s available locally. Register NOW, as most start this term
  • Research:
    • Read: "Teacher shortages are having the biggest impact on pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds", says new research from Nuffield Foundation and FFT Education Datalab
    • Participate: The Education Endowment Fund is looking for volunteer schools for funded research into Realistic Maths Education (RME): training Key Stage 3 maths teachers to teach mathematical problem solving. Read more
  • There are loads of good maths storybooks and ideas for teaching on the MathsThroughStories website. They even have a new competition for young writers (age 8-13), The Young Mathematical Story Author Competition
  • No more shoe sizes! Wondering how to use real and meaningful statistics with your students, for data handling topics? The Royal Statistical Society has created eight short interactive activities to help students understand statistical concepts and their relevance
  • Our partners, MEI, have published their September newsletter, with updates on the new Advanced Maths Support Programme (AMSP) and more
  • Staying with MEI, they’re running Ritangle, a free maths competition for AS/A level students (individuals or teams). 25 problems being released over the next 10 weeks will culminate in a final challenge in December. Register now – the first problem is already out!
  • Those involved in Initial Teacher Education (secondary) are invited to come and find out more about teaching for mastery – the pedagogy, and how Maths Hubs projects are supporting secondary schools to introduce the approach – at a free NCETM conference for ITE tutors on 28 January 2019 in London. More information and booking details
  • What is Core Maths? Find out from students and teachers in this video from STEM Learning
  • Do you teach Functional Skills? The Education & Training Foundation is offering an opportunity to collaborate on innovation projects that will support delivery.

Each magazine can be downloaded as a PDF document, and you can catch up on any previous issues you may have missed in the Secondary Magazine Archive. We have an RSS feed for each of our online magazines so you never need miss another issue.

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