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The new issue of our Primary Magazine is now out!

Created on 21 November 2018 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 21 November 2018 by ncetm_administrator

In the second Primary Magazine of the school year, we feature a school in a very rural part of Northumberland engaging in the new Maths Hubs Mastery Readiness Programme, as well as teachers from a school in the South West who have shared their experience of piloting our Primary Mastery Professional Development Materials. And we ask what the implications are, for primary teachers, of knowing what pupils are finding hard in their GCSE exams.

Articles featured in this issue

  • Why Mastery Readiness isn't just 'mastery-lite'!
    The Mastery Readiness Programme offers support to schools to put in place structures, systems and positive mathematical culture, to enable them to successfully engage in teaching for mastery. We visit a tiny school on the North East coast to find out what’s changing for them.
  • One school's experience of using the NCETM’s mastery materials for the first time
    The NCETM-Maths Hubs Primary Mastery Professional Development materials are now published for the whole of Spine 1: Number, Addition and Subtraction, for all year groups Y1-Y6. Steeped, as they are, in the teaching for mastery work of NCETM and the Maths Hubs, how suitable are these materials for schools that have not yet picked up the teaching for mastery baton? We hear from teachers in Bath, talking about their experience in trialling them.
  • An Audience with the GCSE Exam Boards
    Often primary teachers are surprised by the familiar difficulties that pupils are still encountering when they sit their GCSE exams. For example, one question (multiplying a half by five) was answered correctly by only 39% of students at Foundation level last summer. We talked to the three main exam boards about how Year 11s performed, for our Secondary Magazine. You might find it interesting reading.

And here are some other things for your attention:

  • A chance to understand what we can learn from Shanghai maths teachers: the England-China Exchange takes place again early next year, 14-25 January, with a school in every Maths Hub area opening its doors to hundreds of local teachers who want to see teaching for mastery in action. Contact your local Maths Hub.
  • Series Three of Numberblocks is now on CBeebies. We have published an overview document to help teachers track the maths covered.
  • What is it like to be in a Maths Hub Work Group? Find out from our latest podcast.
  • Are you a Specialist Leader of Education (SLE) looking to fine-tune your school improvement work? There’s a new, funded programme available through Maths Hubs, designed to strengthen the impact of maths leaders - apply by 23 November.
  • Times tables tests for Y4s proposed to begin in 2019/20 (subject to parliamentary approval). Details of how the checks will be administered and how the data used are in this document from the Standards and Testing Agency.
  • The Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM) and The Mathematical Association (MA) are holding a joint annual conference in 2019, running from 15-18 April, and places can be booked now. A number of bursaries are being offered: both the ATM and MA websites have details and closing dates for applications.

Don’t forget that all previous editions of the magazine are accessible through our Primary Magazine Archive, where you can find previous articles arranged by type as well as by issue number. Each of our magazines can be downloaded as a PDF document, and you can sign up to an RSS feed for any of our online magazines so you never need miss another issue.

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