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Blog feeds

A feed (also known as RSS) is a way of keeping up to date with content which changes or is added to frequently, such as news or a blog.

Rather than having to check back on a web page every day to see if any new items have been added, a feed can download any new content, and you can check all your feeds at once for any new information.

To subscribe to a blog feed, just click on the orange RSS logo next to the writer's avatar and confirm you want to subscribe to the feed (the confirmation screen will look different depending on the browser or feed subscription program you are using).

Now, when the user writes a new entry in their blog, a link to the entry will appear in your feed reader the next time you check it.

Please note that, unlike the option on the NCETM Portal to be emailed when an item receives a comment, a feed may not automatically notify you when there is new content. Some readers do have an option to alert the user by email, sounds or other prompts when new content is available, but this is dependent on the program in use.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 has a default reader under the 'Favorites' button. The screenshot below shows the reader, which has three subscriptions. The bold text of the BBC feed indicates one or more new items.

Internet Explorer 7 feed manager 

You can subscribe to other feeds from the NCETM.

If you have any further questions about blog feeds, please contact us.