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Mathematics in the News

Here we bring together news to keep you informed about what's new, relevant and interesting in the world of mathematics and education. This includes government policy affecting mathematics education, new professional development opportunities, and news about mathematics in everyday life, and much more.

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  NCETM Newsletter - June 2018
Free Maths Hubs projects for 2018-19 that you can join, two primary heads discuss how mastery has improved attainment, NCETM resources for planning, and more
14 June 2018 14:33 by ncetm_administrator viewed 536 times

  Issue 148 of our Secondary Magazine is now out
In this edition, we look at supporting deep understanding in trigonometry, and how to cater for 'top' and 'bottom' sets in teaching for mastery
23 May 2018 14:02 by ncetm_administrator viewed 658 times

  Latest news from the Maths Hubs Programme: Bespoke issue 13
We’ve just published the latest issue of Bespoke, which brings up-to-date news from the Maths Hubs Programme
22 May 2018 14:54 by ncetm_administrator viewed 491 times

  NCETM Newsletter - May 2018
New Early Years support materials, teaching for mastery in secondary and primary schools, two new Maths Hubs for the North, grants and funding, and more
17 May 2018 10:21 by ncetm_administrator viewed 922 times

  Secondary schools invited to join Maths Hubs Teaching for Mastery Programme
The NCETM and Maths Hubs are recruiting secondary schools to join a free professional development programme from September 2018
17 May 2018 09:18 by ncetm_administrator viewed 2056 times

  Maths Hubs Programme expansion in the North
The Maths Hubs Network, currently comprising 35 Maths Hubs across England, is to be extended to 37 hubs
15 May 2018 11:04 by ncetm_administrator viewed 1417 times

  New podcast: how mastery is being introduced into secondary school maths
In this podcast, two maths teachers discuss their involvement with the expanding programme of introducing teaching for mastery into secondary schools across England
11 May 2018 15:01 by ncetm_administrator viewed 499 times

  Early Years support materials available to accompany CBeebies series
We've produced a range of materials designed to assist Early Years (and Year 1) practitioners who are introducing children to early number
11 May 2018 14:48 by ncetm_administrator viewed 9802 times

  We've just published Issue 102 of our Primary Magazine
In this issue: maximising the impact of Work Groups by using gap tasks, and we introduce our new Numberblocks Support Materials
10 May 2018 14:32 by ncetm_administrator viewed 1036 times

  Secondary school maths teachers sought to become experts in teaching for mastery
The NCETM and Maths Hubs are recruiting a third wave of teachers to join the secondary Mastery Specialists programme
27 April 2018 07:34 by ncetm_administrator viewed 3350 times

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