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Online CPD Modules

If you are a teacher visiting these pages during school closures and thinking about your own professional development, the modules here may help you. However, we need to say that they are not our latest materials, and some of them may include out-of-date material.
We recommend you have a look at our Primary Mastery Professional Development Materials and Secondary Professional Development Materials, developed far more recently. These are designed to help you plan series of lessons, collaborate with colleagues (face to face or online), and develop teaching approaches which ensure your pupils really embed mathematical understanding.
You may also like to visit our school closures teacher support page, and even our school closures parent support page. Both pages include useful links, videos and resources.

Teachers looking for professional development for post-16 teaching should explore the Advanced Maths Support Programme's (AMSP) extensive offer of on-demand self-study courses, live online courses and CPD videos listed on their closure support page (scroll to the bottom).         

The National Centre has developed a number of professional development modules for teachers of mathematics.

Each of the modules focuses on a current theme of relevance to the sector, and takes the teacher through a number of guided activities online to develop their thinking and encourage reflection about the theme.  

As a teacher proceeds through a module they can store their ideas in the Personal Learning Space (PLS) on the portal. Please note that, at the current time, these reflections can only be accessed from the module and not directly from the PLS.

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If you have any feedback on your experience using this course please let us know. You can contact us by email at info@ncetm.org.uk, or by using our online form.

  Primary Module
Primary Module course

  Self review matrix for Primary ICT
Primary ICT course.

  Self review matrix for secondary ICT
Secondary ICT course

  Thinking Through Mathematics
This professional Development programme was originally designed for teachers of Adult Numeracy working with learners from Entry Level through to Level 2. However, it will...

Online Courses - NCETM Professional Development modules for Primary, Secondary and Post-16 are available to all of our registered members