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About Personal Learning

The Personal Learning Space (PLS) allows you to map your own journey of professional development in one place as you move through your teaching career. Note: you will need to be registered and logged in to use this area.

In it you will find:

  • The PLS Timeline - which shows a chronological view of the entries you have made to your PLS.
  • My Favourites & Notes - where you can keep lists of things you particularly like on the portal so that you can access them quickly.

    Two icons will appear at the top of all portal items which can be saved as favourites.
    Clicking the add to favourites icon will add the item to the user’s favourites list.
    Clicking the make note icon adds the item to the list and opens up a textbox into which users can type notes to themselves about why they have added the favourite, how they plan to use it and so on.
    After an item has been added to the favourites list, the remove from favourites icon will be displayed. This allows the user to remove the item from their list and delete any accompanying notes.

    Items which can be saved as favourites include Resources, Research items, News articles, CPD events and Mathemapedia entries.

    In the PLS side menu, clicking My Favourites & Notes will display a tabbed box in the central panel. Each area of the system (News, Resources etc) will have its own tab displaying links to the favourites in that section.
  • My Public Items - lists public things you have contributed to the portal - for example, blogs or Mathemapedia entries.
  • Learning Journal - a place for you to log your own progress and observations as you continue your professional development; documents can be attached to your entries.
  • Self-evaluation Tool - a private area where you can identify your individual strengths and weaknesses, and explore areas for professional development.
  • Career Portfolio - a place to record all your items such as performance reviews, which you may wish to draw on to help you in applying for a new job in the future. There is a range of templates to help with this.
  • Sharing and contacts - here you can decide which elements of your PLS you would like to share and with whom, selecting them from your own list of contacts.
  • My Files and Folders - this link will display a list of all the files you have saved into your PLS.
  • My Communities - a list of all the communities you are currently part of, or have contributed to in the past.
  • My Details - this includes the details about yourself (e-mail settings, interests and public profile) that you gave when you registered with the NCETM.  You can amend these at any time.
The Professional Learning Framework - Explore personal learning, at the heart of the NCETM portal