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Research Gateway

Welcome to the Research Gateway where you can search reports, articles and research papers from the British Education Index, specifically selected for the NCETM.
Often these are available free of charge, and if so, a download icon () indicates that the item can be immediately downloaded. Alternatively there may be a charge to access certain items.

At the heart of mathematics education is teaching and learning and, as professionals, we strive to develop and improve our practice by increasing our associated knowledge and understanding. One way to achieve this is by reading about what others have learned and there is a vast literature "out there" that is not always easily accessible to practitioners, a problem that the Research Gateway aims to remedy.

Some hints on searching the Research Gateway

If you know what you are looking for, using an author's last name or a keyword from the title will normally locate it quickly. Don't be too specific at this stage as a typing error or different spelling may result in an unsuccessful search. If you are searching for reports, articles or research papers about a specific topic, it is helpful to consider a few related key words before you start. Mathematics topics such as fractions or ratios are fairly obvious but if you are searching for a pedagogical consideration such as questioning it might be better to think about a broader keyword such as formative assessment first.You can also access records which require subscription.

Although the free items are obviously worth looking at first, don't dismiss those that you need to pay for! Anyone who is registered with a UK University may have free access to these through their library and it is possible to request copies from the British Library through your local library at much lower cost than that of the publisher.

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  Beyond deficit models for integrating language, literacy and numeracy in Australian VET
In light of the perceived new significance to the Australian economy of adult language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) skills, this paper presents a broad picture of how LLN is being integrated in Australian vocational education...

  Discourses about school-based mathematics teacher education in Finland and Sweden
In this cross-case study we focus on school-based teacher education in Sweden and Finland. Through the use of focus-group interviews with mathematics teacher educators in Finland and Sweden, the study shows that there are substantial...

  Emotion and disaffection with school mathematics
This paper reports some initial findings from research designed to understand more deeply the motivational and emotional landscape of disaffection with school mathematics. A context is described in which there has been significant concern expressed...

  Enhancing mathematics communication using critical aspects and dimensions of variation
This article deals with two prominent topics in the field of mathematics education: the communication in mathematics and its teaching and learning and the continuous professional development of mathematics teachers. In this article, a framework...

  Heuristics diagrams as a tool to formatively assess teachers’ research
Many teacher education programs include different forms of teachers doing research. Be it in the form of action research or general inquiries about their practice, it has been argued that when teachers do research on...

  Improving the quality of mathematics teaching with effective planning practices
Although it has been two decades since National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards were published, research underlines the lack of essential practices for quality reform teaching. The literature also emphasizes the importance of planning...
Published in Teacher Development

  Multilingual classroom talk in adult literacy education in Timor-Leste: teachers and learners doing literacy and numeracy tasks
This paper draws on one part of a wider study on adult literacy education in Timor-Leste. The focus here is on classroom talk in two literacy classes in different regions. I present a close analysis...
Published in Language and Education

  Replacing the "teacher-proof" curriculum with the "curriculum-proof" teacher: toward more effective interactions with mathematics textbooks
This research examines secondary mathematics teachers’ use of textbook curriculum materials within ‘typical’ cycles of planning and teaching in a school year. The curriculum use of four teachers from the western US was examined before...

  "You weren't expected to be creative": policy-practice tensions in GCSE mathematics
This paper reports on an on-going study to illuminate the relationship between policy and implementation of GCSE 2010 by (initially) exploring the beliefs and departmental-level context of two teachers in one secondary school mathematics department....

  2011 review of functional skills standards in mathematics: summary findings report
Functional skills assess practical abilities that allow people to use English, mathematics, and ICT in real-life contexts. The qualifications are available at five levels: Entry levels 1, 2 and 3, and Level 1 and Level...
Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation, 2012
Published by Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation

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